1. arielenhasarrived:



    What are you? 
    (I’m really cute * 3*)/ )

    I guess I’m 10/10 since I have two accounts in challenger

    call me, dyrone


  2. preys:

    Eventually we’re just gonna have to accept “ducking” as a swear word

    you can edit your shortcuts to actually correct ducking to fucking, i did it

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  3. Never trust someone who isn’t kind to animals.

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  4. comboreversal:


    baby baby baby 

    This literally just crushed me.

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  5. expositionfairy:

    What a gorgeous species.  I love the starlike effect from those lighter reflective scales.

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  6. serenading-solitude:





    Tomorrow the Trailer Arrives! #FiftyShades

    I can’t stop laughing help

    They made a movie of it, oh no.

    Of course they did. They think it’s gonna make some serious cash money. Pretty fuckin gross imo.

    this is going too far holy shit

    it is going to make a lot of money sadly

  7. raserus:




    Asuryan Caernough, Lord High Chancellor of Lordaeron

    by macbethoff

    Been hitting that gym in Pandaria. 

    gotta look cut when it’s time to hit the river naked

    that is one sexy blind guy

  8. blooddanyl:

    All aboard the macbethoff hype train featuring the Falconheart

    Fantastic artist, and his work came out really well. Also really easy to work with and he was great about touching up the sword’s crossguard. 


  9. awwww-cute:

    Got a new pillow for the chair


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  10. chiripepe:

    Gogo dies in every movie I’ve seen her in.

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